E20 Locksmith


We offer a very bespoke locksmith service. On receipt of payment, we are committed to delivering a premium customer experience. Rest assured, whether you have paid for an “emergency booking” or a scheduled “time slot”, our service personnel will follow up your booking request immediately, confirming your appointment and securing a guaranteed reservation.

Once your booking form is completed, we would kindly request for a transaction ID as proof of payment so we can confirm your booking and authorise dispatch. This would be binding on us and a legal agreement to attend at the stipulated time.

All emergency bookings are followed up with a phone call or message confirming an accurate ETA.

Payments and GDPR

All payments are taken through our merchant bank World Pay, the world’s largest digital payment processor who exercise the strictest confidential procedures and policies to ensure your privacy is protected.

Once your payment has been processed, World Pay will issue an instant transaction ID notification confirming that your payment was successful.